NordEcoJam 2022 – Materials

NordEcoJam 2022: Materials

The materials below are not mandatory reading/viewing, but are rather provided in case you would like to learn more about a particular thing before joining NordEcoJam 2022. For example, if you have never studied game design, the videos under Game Design Fundamentals can you provide you with some key terms and concepts; and if this is your first time taking part in a game jam, the article by Hanna Wirman offers a good introduction.

Game jams: what and how?

Game design fundamentals

  • Gameplay design (a 7-minute video lecture by Mikhail Fiadotau): a basic introduction to key terms in game design such as game mechanics and dynamics, core loop, game economy, and a few others
  • Meaningful choices and player agency (an audio lecture by Victor Bankler): an overview of how to make your gameplay more engaging by utilizing meaningful player choices

Games and/for/about sustainability